Launching a cleaning business!

Hello everybody, this is Erik and making our first post here. We have been working like crazy in October to put together this company and get it up and running for December so we can do some holiday cleans!

While designing this business – Anna and I both thought it was important to use as many reusable products as possible.

So that means, among other things, no disposable Swiffers, no paper towels, and no Clorox wipes.

Instead – we can use high quality reusable products: microfiber cloths and mopping heads, terry cotton cloths, and different sponges and brushes.

We also do not want to leave our clients’ homes smelling like chemical factories – have you read the ingredients on most mainstream cleaners – they are scary! Check out EWG’s guides to different cleaners for details on these cleaners and the potential dangers.

Instead – we make our own natural cleaning products, using simple but effective ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, disinfectant alcohol, citrus, and water. We also love to infuse essential oils into our products because not only do they smell great, many also have great cleaning properties!